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Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractors

Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractors

Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractors

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A new furnace lasts for more than a decade (or two).  If you are planning for a new HVAC installation, you know this is a huge part of your investment in your home. You should not just pick a random contractor and hand him your HVAC installation projectsfor you do not want to see your furnace failing to operate after some months.  It is not just HVAC unit that determines how long the system may last but it equally depends on the installation contractor too.

These days, meeting a fraud contractor is possibly so common. They attract homeowners easily by showing lowest bid, misrepresent their qualifications, and charge you additional cost showing some other problems in HVAC. Things do not end here.  This results in worsening of your HVAC in a very short period of time. Furthermore, the lifespan of your HVAC is reduced immensely. What’s more is waning of performance, needing of HVAC repairing contractors repeatedly, replacing of faulted parts time and again annoys you a lot. We do not want you to getstuck in such worries.

Being able to pick up a professional and reliable HVAC contractor solves all above mentioned problems. Ask these questions before hiring an installation contractor. This will prevent you from getting into unwanted HVAC problems afterwards and have a smooth running HVAC system for years.

Few questions:

Do you have an official certification?

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is what HVAC contractors should have. NATE certified HVAC contractors meanthey are the HVAC contractors that have passed HVAC contractors written test as well.

Do you have license?

There are many unlicensed HVAC contractors in New York working freely. This is why several poor HVAC installations and repairs have been reported. So checking if they have license prevents you handing your HVAC projects to some unreliable HVAC contractors. Ask the contractor whether or not he has state provided license.

What about insurance?

Insurance matters a lot, although many people don’t realize it. If there is an accident while the contractor is on your project, then you may be risking of opening yourselves toliability. Insurance protects the company andtheir staffs when they are working. So make sure the HVAC contractor that you are hiring has insurance covering his compensation and liability.

May in know about your work experience?

Work experience counts a lot. Although it does not mean all fresher are bad, but most of them turn out to be. And you do not want your thousand dollars project being carried out by a novice.

So ask your contractor about the years of experience they have. More years of practicing means they might have carried projects similar to yours multiple times and are experienced in solving any type of HVAC issues.


How many staffs does your company have?

Are you wondering why this is important? Well, a single contractor-run HVAC installation and repair company is too busy to come to your place when your HVAC needs an emergency repair. So before deciding to hire a contractor, make sure the company has enough staffs to install the HVAC system smoothly, to arrive at your place in case of emergency, to respond your call and emails promptly, etc.


These are just a few. Ask about reference, warranties, written estimates and more. Being careful before deciding on a contractor saves you a lot of time and money afterwards.

We care about you. If you need a reliable HVAC contractor in and around New York and Bronx area, call us immediately. We want to show you what excellent work is in HVAC installation and repair industry.

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